Color Run

My close friend and I did our own color run and photographed it. We made powdered paint, put on white shirts and threw color at each other. It was so much fun and the aftermath was beautiful. I liked this photo showing half of my friend’s face spotted with color.  Her blue eyes and skin contrast nicely with the purple and green paint.  She has great features to photograph.


Forgotten Bridge

This is a photo I took in Canada of an old bridge.  I liked the lines in the bridge and how it gives the illusion that it continues on for a long time.  The sunlit warmth in the trees contrasts nicely with the forest green ground.  I liked the texture of the worn wooden bridge.  The wood panels make it look like an abandoned rail road track.

Candid Moments

This was a shot I took of my aunt and one of the children with disabilities that she cared for.  The girl came to see her and spent the day with us. She sat on the red bench with my aunt.  They started talking and laughing.  I loved the way they looked at each other and the smile they shared in that particular moment.

Still Life

My found still life was the photograph of a lock next to the pink roses. Fake flowers lined this gate in Wynwood. I shot from many different angles but I liked this angle, half of the picture portraying the lock and half showing the flowers. I liked the rusting metal lock, something man made, next to beautiful roses. But if you look closely you see that the roses are fake. Beauty is often tainted by things in this world and just hidden under the surface. This picture can be interpreted in different ways but when I look at it I see a lot of material for creative writing pieces that I’m really excited to create.

Collaborative Still Life in Color

This was a photo we used in our final installation piece.  We changed it to black and white and then image transferred it.  This still life was meant to show a peaceful life, as depicted by soft lighting, a book, flowers and a paint brush.  This represented a good life in contrast with the bad lifestyle choices made by the other person in our installation.

Collaborative Project

This is one photo we got from doing our collaborative project.  We did not end up using this photo in our final installation piece, however we had fun experimenting with this photo. Camila and I edited it to give it an x-ray and chemical exposed look. We tried printing this photograph and putting chemicals on it.  We tried windex and various cleaning sprays including an all purpose cleaner, which worked the best on the photo.  It gave it an interesting look with rings of color.